Procurement Experts Outlook 2019

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Last week I moderated the panel discussion; Beyond trends-The top 10 transformational realities redefining procurement.

It was a great discussion featuring Phil Broughton and David Loseby.

Today the trends theme extends to include a “wider panel” of experts discussing what shape procurement will take in 2019 in a just-released eBook: Procurement Experts Outlook 2019.

You can download your copy via the link above or by clicking on the image below:

Experts Outlook

eBook Overview

Procurement Experts Outlook 2019

As a procurement practitioner and leader, you would be keen on chalking an all-encompassing procurement strategy for 2019. But building one might prove to be challenging considering the myriad trends impacting and changing the function.

“Procurement Experts Outlook 2019” is an assemblage of insights from the best and the brightest minds in Procurement that will give the reader an insight into:

  • 4 Major Procurement Trends for 2019
  • The CPOs to-do list for 2019
  • The Paradigm shift in the approach towards Procurement


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2019 SCMA National Conference Panel On The Future Of Procurement

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Just a quick comment; it is exciting to be part of such a great panel, and it is going to be an amazing discussion!

SCMA 2019 Panel

Involved with procurement, purchasing, and sourcing? You will not want to miss this panel! We have put together some of the world’s most influential procurement thinkers and chief procurement officers to discuss and debate the future of procurement. I am so pleased to announce that Janice Davis, Jon W. Hansen, Bertrand Maltaverne, Blair Morrison, LL.B., and Michael Pleuger will be coming together from around the globe at our 100th Anniversary National Conference and Fellow Awards Gala, May 29-31 in Montreal. They join an amazing roster of global thought leaders. Early bird pricing available until March 31st – take advantage as we will sell out! Register at


Webinar Video Intro: The Amazonization of the digital supply chain?

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A few brief words regarding the upcoming webinar on March 27th, 2019 at 9:30 PM EDT.

Be sure to use the link below to register. It is a free webinar and features an international panel of experts who will undoubtedly provide interesting and perhaps even thought-provoking insights.

Webinar Intro: The Amazonization of the digital supply chain – impact on distribution.

Here is the link to register for the webinar:


QSTRAT Webinar

What Is The Best Webinar Platform?

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NOTE to my subscribers: I am sharing this article with you because there is a fair number of you who look at webinars as a great vehicle for connecting with your target market. You are of course right. That is why this first webinar in my new series 4 Steps To Webinar Success is a must attend. Because you are a Procurement Insights subscriber enter PIBLOGFAN in the Special Promo Code section of the registration page for a 50% savings.

I remember my first webinar as if it were yesterday. It was the fall of 2005, and the platform I used was Webex.

For the time, and despite some of the challenges with navigating the firewalls of my corporate clients, it was a pretty cool technology.

While I want to think that the only reason for my registration to attendance ratio of 98 percent was because of the quality of my content – based on attendee follow-up that was a big part of it, I can’t ignore the “webinar effect” as a contributing factor.

Reminiscent of when the television first made its appearance in which people were tuning in because the idea of seeing a live broadcast was as exciting as what they were viewing, you can’t underestimate the novelty appeal of webinar technology in those early days.

Like Fibe TV

Of course today, television has made an amazing progression from rabbit ears and three channels, to fiber optics and innumerable channels that broadcast content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choosing what to watch let alone through what device to watch it is at times mind-boggling – probably one of the reasons why I still like retreating to the comfort of my couch to read a good book now and then.

The same explosion of endless choice and possibilities is true for the webinar world.

Since my nascent foray into the realm of webinar possibilities, I have had the opportunity to use various platforms to broadcast my content. Beside my approximate 900 radio shows on Blog Talk Radio, I have utilized every platform from Oovoo, Zoom, Webex (of course), GoToWebinar, and Ring Central to connect with my followers and prospective followers. I have gone under the hood of a multitude of platforms on the front lines. In short, my experiences are not theoretical or the result of a controlled-environment analysis. I lived them with all the wonder and challenges in real-time.

So which platform is the best?

A Different Answer

Rather than tell you what platform I use, and yes I will share that with you in a future post, experience has taught me that you should avoid getting lost in the features, functions, and benefits weeds by assessing every offering. The reason is fairly simple; you must first have a clear understanding of what it is YOU want to achieve before determining the most effective means of delivering your content. (NOTE: For those of you who can’t resist the urge to know what pundits are calling the “best-of-the-best,” here is the link to codeinwp’s Joe Warnimont’s Best Webinar Software in 2019 – Compared and Summarized article.

Like the old real estate saying regarding the importance of location, with a webinar, your starting point should be content, content, content. More specifically, the quality of your information in the context of the benefit your target audience will derive from investing 45-minutes to 1-hour of their life with you.

For those who would like to see just one example of a successful webinar – and you should simply because you will want to confirm if I know about what I am talking here is one that I both wrote and served as a moderator; EBG | Webinar: Procurement AI: From Promise To Realization.

It Isn’t About You

While there are many things to consider when you construct your content, top of the list should be your desire to establish you and your company as a reliable knowledge source. When people see you as being their source of timely and valuable insights, the transition from attendee-to-prospect-to-customer is considerably shorter and more certain.

8 Reasons

Adopting this mindset means that the webinar isn’t about how great you are, but how great your commitment is to provide valuable information that will enable your attendee-prospect-client to solve a problem or realize a goal.

Once your content has passed the non-infomercial test – which is part of Step 1 in the 4 Steps To Webinar Success process, you are then ready for Step 2, which includes selecting the right platform starting with understanding the difference between a Meeting and a Webinar.

I will talk more about this and other considerations in my next post.

What Table? Why Procurement Has To Stop Chasing Ghosts From The Past

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I always enjoy getting involved in a good debate, which is why I was happy that Buyers Meeting Point’s Kelly Barner brought me into a discussion regarding an article on LinkedIn; Procurement, seeking respect, may be looking for a seat at the wrong table.

In responding to the post by Rich Weissman, Barner wrote the following:

“I totally agree – and as companies change, so does the structure of the traditional management team. As Jon W. Hansen recently told me in a conversation about this exact topic… there IS no table anymore! The fact that we are still longing for a place there is more of an indication that we are rooted in the past than it is proof that procurement is ready to be elevated.”

Like the proverbial beach ball being lobbed towards a batter in baseball, I could not resist taking a healthy cut at Kelly’s invite regarding the obsessive quest for legitimacy through some fictitious seat at a table – any table.

This swing of the bat manifested itself in the following added commentary:

“Right on the money, Kelly. There is no “wrong table” or “right table.”

I will be talking about this more as part of The Future Of Procurement Panel discussion at the Supply Chain Management Association(SCMA) Annual Conference at the end of May. 

The critical point to remember is that in the emerging digital age the traditional lines that define the different roles within a global enterprise are being redrawn as reflected in my recent interview with Hewlett-Packard Enterprises Canada President Paula Hodgins (

Take the CIO for example; a recent Gartner study estimates that over the next couple of years CMOs will spend more money on IT than CIOs. As you ponder that, think about the fact that 70% percent of all digital initiatives will go through an organization’s supply chain. In short, there is “no table” because we are the table! We need to take ownership of that reality, and stop chasing what is tantamount to ghosts from the past.”

What more is there to say?

In the meantime, here is further information on the SCMA Conference Panel in Montreal, Canada. If you find yourself there at the end of May, look me up?

SCMA 2019 Panel


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