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Trucking Procurement Practices Shifting Gear

28/02/2019 13:52 | Share

From a shipper’s perspective, 2018 was a tough year for procuring truckload transportation, as carriers gained the upper negotiating hand in a capacity-starved market.

Accenture Collaborates to Increase the Sustainability and Fairness of Global Supply Chains

26/02/2019 19:14 | Share

Accenture is collaborating with Mastercard, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Everledger, and Mercy Corps to launch the circular supply chain capability, a blockchain-based solution designed to improve supply chain transparency by empowering consumers to directly reward sustainable practices of small-scale growers and suppliers.

U.S. Retailers Bracing for BREXIT

12/02/2019 13:35 | Share

As the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) prepares for its annual Retail Supply Chain Conference later this month much talk is expected to be generated by global trade tensions and profound shifts in cross border dynamics.

What to Watch For on Your Global Product Development Journey

08/02/2019 15:18 | Share

There are do’s & don’ts to follow in every aspect of business. But when it comes to the journey from idea to product, it is essential to be prepared on your pathway toward success. Time, money, resources, knowledge, planning and protections all must be identified and implemented.

JAGGAER Introduces the JAGGAER ONE Unified Platform to Address Spend Management

05/02/2019 13:55 | Share

JAGGAER, a global independent spend management company, today announces the JAGGAER ONE Platform as the cornerstone of its spend management solutions suite.

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