• What criteria are most commonly looked at for Supplier Recognition Awards. (both subjective and objective)

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  • Stephen Rowe

    12/02/2019 01:50AM

    I would also add Innovation as a criteria. If a supplier treats you as a customer of choice, offering you a first mover advantage with new technology, systems, product, then that should be recognised.

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    Rob Kaletsch thanks for feedback Stephen - agree on the innovation as this is a key differential in our future procurement digitization process.

    12/02/2019 12:18PM

  • Euan Granger

    13/02/2019 09:07PM

    I happen to like a lot of these ideas and agree they are a good way of rewarding our suppliers. But how about a left-field on in line with suppliers who are operating with or supporting social causes in their local area. We would class this under Community Benefits at the Council, but you could look at suppliers who are actively giving back to the community as part of their contract.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    07/02/2019 03:48PM

    Hi Rob
    Scotland Excel ran a supplier awards process last year. Here's a link to their web site. If you email them I'm sure they will send you their criteria and more about the process.

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    Rob Kaletsch Thanks Helen - will definitely touch base with them to see the process and criteria they followed.

    12/02/2019 12:19PM

  • Katalin Brennan

    04/02/2019 10:45PM

    Though not in the practice of procurement anymore, I used to do this:
    Objective: on-time delivery, quality - least reject/discrepancy/etc., ease of administration - congruence of quote/contract/PO/receiving/invoice
    Subjective: strength of counterpart relationship, ability/willingness to handle non-standard orders, win-win negotiation, mutual strive for efficiency/effectiveness/excellence
    Aggregate these factors, do a weighted average according to your company's most significant factor, and come up with the winner.
    Did you notice that I have not mentioned price? The best supplier will most likely (if you do things right) beat the low cost supplier on the total cost.
    I hope this helps!

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    Rob Kaletsch Thanks Katalin - I agree 100% on you price of TCO. My challenge currently lies in the fact that there are large spend dominant suppliers versus some small suppliers which battle to compete at these levels but still add value in their own unique manner, for which we want to recognize. the subjective review (score) would then encompass these smaller players.

    12/02/2019 12:17PM

    Katalin Brennan Ah! That is common... can you recognize two categories then? Essentially, you can create an award for the large group and call it something like 'best strategic supply partner', and another one for the small ones that is called 'best local/innovative/customer-centric/etc. supplier'.Think of the Miss America pageant's Ms. Congeniality award.

    12/02/2019 09:41PM

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