• Mobility France contracts

    anyone with experience Mobility contracts France SFR/Orange ?

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  • Guy Robert Wyckmans

    14/02/2020 11:20AM

    Thanks Keith, we have for our mobility fleet the 2 local suppliers Orange and SFR, both are not easy to work with, its more like we tell you what you need to sign = sign it or eat it... SFR has a clause for early termination charges that will include the average of the last 3 months usage spend, so its a floating amount per connection, and they say : this is Standard for all our corporate contracts (= dont believe them), we do have a 10% free churn for disconnects over the 24 month term of the contract IF the connection & device is older than 12 month. Orange says they can only do contrcats with co-terminus so all lines will be out of contract at the same time, not so much an issue, but with the device subsidy, it becomes difficult when we order a new line if we are almost at the end of the contract term. we are in process to change the device process, moving away from the carriers as they want to get away of this service and move to MDaaS process, here we had a nice marketing preso from Vodafone, and Im in discussion with some other procurement people here in EU to see how they will embrace the MDaaS, they all want to move to this, maybe via a 3th party Guy

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  • Keith Bird

    14/02/2020 07:46AM

    Hi Guy, If you can be a little more specific with what you are looking for, i may be able to assist. Cheers, Keith

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