• Tatiana Blank 17/06/2019 11:36PM

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    How to start a procurement function

    I am a CFO at a non-profit real estate developer/owner company and I think we are at a size and spend level where adding a person dedicated to procurement will provide tangible benefits to the organization. We don't have any in-house expertise in this function though. Any advice on how to get this started, including thinking of developing a reasonable scope of work for the position? Does anyone have recommendations on consultants that can help with starting this function, defining the scope, perhaps even acting as an outsourced procurement manager for some time? Thank you in advance.

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  • Ashley Collins

    01/07/2019 10:32PM

    Hi Tatiana
    I am based in the San Francisco Bay area and would be more than happy to share my thoughts on building the foundations for the establishment of a procurement function. I have a significant amount of experience in the Corporate Real Estate and Property environment that I believe would benefit Eden Housing.
    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance...

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  • Tatiana Blank

    18/06/2019 04:17PM

    Thank you Ashley and Lewis - hoping for a US based referral (we are in California).

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  • Ashley Brennan

    18/06/2019 10:40AM

    Hi Tatiana I work for Odesma a procurement consultancy and we would be happy to sit down and have a discussion with you we have helped lots of businesses set up their procurement function. If you would like to send me a message or drop me an email we could arrange something for you. [email protected]

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  • Lewis Barnard

    18/06/2019 07:59AM

    Hi Tatiana, most procurement consultancy's will be able to help with this kind of work, and should be familiar with setting up a procurement function and the policy that goes with this.

    There's a company called Novo-K that offer on-demand procurement services of this nature: https://www.novo-k.com/

    Happy to chat further if you'd like to know more.

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