• Does anyone have a good Supplier Relationship Management Process to follow

    Looking for a process after the contract has been awarded. How do you segment your vendors?
    How often will you have reviews with them?
    How do you measure their performance within your internal teams?
    how do you put improvement plans in place with them?

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  • Tania Seary

    20/02/2019 09:11PM

    Christine, I think there's some great tools in our Procurement Toolkit Group. Serar A. Serar will know where it is!

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    Christine Babajide Thank you.

    21/02/2019 10:56AM

  • Bennett Glace

    28/03/2019 04:01PM

    Hi Christine,
    A colleague of mine just explored this topic in a series on our blog. In addition to exploring the principles that should drive strategic SRM, he outlines a process for engaging suppliers as partners. Here's the conclusion - it includes links back to both previous installments as well. https://www.strategicsourceror.com/2018/10/keys-to-best-in-class-supplier.html

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  • Serar A. Serar

    22/02/2019 12:24AM

    Hi Christine Babajide, great question - I've sent you an invitation to our "Procurement Toolkit" group. We have a range of SRM tools & templates that may help you. This group is community driven with over a 1k members that engage, support and discuss a range of procurement operating principles.

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    Christine Babajide Thank you very.

    22/02/2019 12:31PM

    Mary Licayan Hi Serar, I would be grateful if you could also send me the invitation to 'Procurement toolkit group'. Thank you.

    14/03/2019 12:33PM

  • Hanna (Sandgren) Notmeijer

    21/02/2019 10:22PM

    Hi Christine, you are asking important questions and I believe SRM is essential to conduct good business. I have written a short article where I share 5 tip om how to succeed in SRM but your questions would need more explanatory answers than I can space here. Would be happy to share my insights with you by e-mail.

    Until then you can have a look at my article here:



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    Christine Babajide Thank you Hanna, I will go on the link.

    22/02/2019 12:31PM

  • Ashley Collins

    20/02/2019 09:10PM

    Hi Christine
    It's very encouraging that you are thinking of SRM and how best to deploy this process / strategy. I have some content I can share with via email as the answers you seek will more than fill the space provided in the answer box.
    Let me know if you would like me to share the content privately?

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    Christine Babajide Thanks Ashley. I will share my email

    21/02/2019 10:56AM

    Christine Babajide Thank you very much.

    22/02/2019 12:31PM

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