• Chanelle Busby 30/05/2019 03:49PM

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    Collaborative Procurement Agreement

    I am looking to develop a robust collaboration agreement for when we work with other organisations to procure contracts jointly. Does anyone have any examples that they would be willing to share?

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    13/06/2019 09:16AM

    Hi Chanelle
    Would a Scottish version help you? I can get hold of one for you that we used for a collaborative procurement between a number of local authorities.

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  • Chris Roe

    13/06/2019 12:32AM

    Hi Chanelle,

    This is very common here in Australia across Local & State Government.

    Examples at the Local Government level include organisations like MAV, Local Buy, LGP, WALGA. And at the State Government level VGPB (Victorian Government https://buyingfor.vic.gov.au/browse-government-contracts) and QLD State Government.

    All of these use the VendorPanel platform (www.vendorpanel.com) to facilitate this procurement collaboration (panel management, sourcing, analytics etc) across whole of State / Local Government.

    I'm sure each of these organisations will have publically available contracts, which could be of use.

    Good luck,

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